Frequently Asked Questions

AR is Augmented Reality – A Technology that blends digital information into real world spaces.

A Book enabled with Augmented Reality (AR) is known as ARBook. the Digital Information is integrated with user’s environment in real time. It is “A True Amalgamation of Digital & Print.”

AR books incentivize curiosity, facilitate the interpretation of text and illustrations, and provide a learning tool that relates to the reader. AR Books helps to

  • Improve Children’s short attention span
  • Increase engagement with the Learning Material (Text Books)
  • Invites participation
  • Develops appreciation to the context

Resulting in

  • Better Learning outcomes due increased attention and engagement
  • Multimodal learning – using more than one sense in the brain to learn

Currently Firefly AR Book is available only on Android Platform and work with Android Mobile Devices (Phone and Tablets).

Mobile Device 1GB internal memory and 16 GB Phone memory. Based on the AR Book Title the memory requirement on the phone will change. If required an extended memory card to be added to the device. The Firefly AR App will prompt the space requirements while downloading. The firefly AR Book’s software / content can be downloaded to the extended memory card too.

Anything above Android Version 5.1 Will work with Firefly AR Book APP

Firefly AR Book doesn’t need internet except for the 1st time downloading the APP and the selected Firefly AR Book’s software/content.

Yes, Chetana’s Firefly AR Book Mobile APP Free to download from Google Play Stores. But in order to use the AR Book app, one has to buy the Firefly AR Book software for the corresponding title / Text Book.

No. you need to download a single App. Firefly AR App for all your AR enabled Text books.

The pages marked with AR logo on top right corner are the pages that are enabled with AR technology.

Firefly AR enabled Text Book (Pre-Primary)
Nursery Rhymes - A Numbers - A Alphabet - A Aao Gungunuae - 1 Hindi Praveshika - Bhag 1
Nursery Rhymes - B Numbers - B Alphabet - B Aao Gungunuae - 2 Hindi Praveshika - Bhag 2
Nursery Rhymes - C Numbers - C Alphabet - C Aao Gungunuae - 3 PICTURE TALK
General Knowledge - A EVS - A Phonics - A My First Reader - A Patterns
General Knowledge - B EVS - B Phonics - B My First Reader - B Festivals

The following are the three components that are needed to experience the ARBook

Mobile AR APP (A) AR Book’s Software/Content (B) AR Enabled Text Book (Physical Book) (C)
FireflyARBooks Free Download from Google Play Stores Download ARBook’s software using 8 digit code printed on the respective AR enabled Firefly TEXTBOOK from Mobile APP
DEMO AR Book’s software/content is FREE for ALL
Available as student's School supply DEMO AR Text Book is FREE for ALL
(available in PDF format along with user’s registration email)
Buy from FireflyARBooks Mobile APP

Payment can be made through Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking facility. Cash On Delivery option not available

The embedded Digital content from the AR pages (pl check the AR Logo on the top right hand side of the page) can be viewed & interacted through your Android Mobile Device (Phone / Tablet) via Chetana’s FireflyARBooks Mobile APP.

By Showing the camera of the smart phone or tablet on AR Enabled page an extra content pops up, including video, audio, practise writing, activities like colouring, drag & drop etc

The student can interact / learn / practise as many times as he wants on the Mobile device screen.

Parents can give the Mobile devices to their kids without any guilt (as the device is going to help their wards to learn better and faster)

Yes, The mobile App fireflyARbooks is free and you can share & install with another device.

AR Book’s software/content to be downloaded using the 8 digit code printed on the respective AR enabled Firefly Text Books.

AR Book’s software/content Is not shareable. Each registered user need to download it using the 8 digit code given on the respective TEXT Books on their mobile device.

No need to transfer. Both FireflyARbooks MobileAPP and the ARBook’s software is free to use. Just register and download the FireflyARBooks mobile APP, download the ARBook’s software using the 8 digit Code given in the respective AR enabled Firefly Text BooK.

AR enabled Text Books can be ordered online through the FireflyARBooks app itself.

Click the “Buy AR Enabled Text Book”.  All 25 Firefly AR enabled Text Books are listed.

Click the required Book icon to purchase.

Follow the process and buy the selected AR enabled book buy paying it online through Credit / Debit Card or through Net Banking.